Monday, March 4, 2013

Travel Tip #7

***If you have water proof suitcases then you can just ignore this tip.
I was visiting my uncle and aunt once and they were around when I opened up my suitcases. My uncle laughed and asked "Why is everything packed in garbage bags?" Then I had to tell him about my trip where I had to transfer through Salt Lake City and had ALL of my things drenched because it was raining heavily at the time. Basically everything I couldn't throw into the washing machine had to be thrown out included the suitcase, because the rain left a funky smell that wouldn't go away. Luckily, that happened on my return flight. I would die if all of my clean clothes got wet on my way TO my vacation destination.
Since that trip I've been putting all of my clothes and everything else that can't get wet into bags. I use garbage bags for my clothes because they are nice and big and I use Ziplocks for all of my small things. Small appliances such as curling irons or hair driers are important to keep in bags because they definitely cannot get wet.
So yes, it might look funny or weird to see everything in my suitcases packed in bags, but I have good reasons to do so! =P Hope you find this tip useful.
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