Wednesday, March 6, 2013

KK's Challenge 168 - Springy, Pastel Colours!

Whoa! 3 cards in 3 days, I'm on a card making roll here! xD

Today I found a challenge on Kraftin' Kimmie's Blog. It is their Challenge 168 - Springy, Pastel Colours! I looked through my stamps from Kraftin' Kimmie, but I couldn't find a stamp that is spring time related. So I just picked one that I liked and haven't had a chance to use yet. I went with the... (gosh, I can't even find her name on the website, because I think she has been retired and they don't sell her anymore... too bad!). Anyway, she's a really cute artist and I like her a lot!

You would never find me painting in my pretty clothes. But this little artist is a cutie so she can paint in whatever clothes she wants to. Even in a pink cocktail dress and a green beret. Hahaha xD

I wanted the plaid paper to look like a frame around the image, so I used my 1/4 inch foam adhesive to give it that dimension and frame-like look. I have no idea how it will fit in an envelope though... I only thought of that after I finished the card. Now I'm staring at the card and thinking "Now what?" = /

The stamp set came with a little paint brush, so I stamped it out a few times, coloured them with different colours and added them to the card. Mainly to cover up some empty spaces I didn't know what to do with.

I bought some pricey paper just for Copic Markers and I tried it for the first time. I can see the difference between the Copic paper and the paper I usually use. I like it, but it's so stressful when I stamp on it. Because I don't want to waste any of the paper, it's expensive you know? =P So my stamping has to be perfect every single time! Luckily, this image stamped out perfectly. ^_^ I had a lot of fun colouring her, even though it took me most of the afternoon to get her just right.

Although this card didn't have a spring time theme, I think the spring time colours came together nicely.

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