Monday, March 4, 2013

Travel Tip #10

This tip is for the all shopaholics like me. Hehe =P
No matter where I travel to I always return with super full suitcases. Often times my suitcases will weight exactly 50lbs (the max) and I worry about the zippers ripping while the suitcases get thrown around at the airports. As a safety precaution I buy small rolls of saran wrap from the dollar store (sorry I don't have a picture to show you, because I used up my roll on my trip back from Tokyo). In Canada you can find them at any Dollarama and in the LA area I found them at the Daiso (Japanese dollar store) in Monterey Park. After all my luggage are packed up and before I check them in at the counter I will saran wrap each of my suitcases several times (making sure not to wrap up the handles too). Of course, some airports offer this service for a fee of $8 or $10+, but I like to do it myself for $1. Besides, I've only seen a handful off airports that provides this service. *Side note - each roll of saran wrap will wrap up 3-5 large suitcases depending on how much you use on each.
So that's the last of my 10 Travel Tips, thanks for reading and hope you find them helpful!
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