Monday, March 4, 2013

Travel Tip #6

This one is for all the frugal travelers out there, which I totally am. I am also a germaphobe!! You might find me weird, because when I get onto a plane the first thing I do is get out my sanitizing wipes and wipe down everything! Head rest is always the first, cause you never know who's greasy head had been on that head rest before you. Then I wipe down everything I could possibly touch during the flight, from the TV screen/remote, window, tray table to the seat belt. Then when I get to the hotel I do another round of sanitizing. The remote control and the phone are always the first things I wipe down. Then I go from door knobs, light switches, desk to the toilet, even the wall where I hang my towels and clothes. Yes, I am a freak... ~_~
So as you can guess, I go through a LOT of sanitizing wipes. Rather than buying those travel pack Wet One, which can cost from $2-$5 a pack of 15. I buy big containers of Lysol or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (depending on which one is on sale at Costco) and I package them myself. I fold them to the right size, stack up 15 wipes and put them in a Ziplock baggie. Then I put a bag in each of the outside pockets of my suitcases. Some in my carry-on so I can wipe down the airplane seat, and some in my check-in so I can wipe down the hotel room. It sounds like a lot of work, but it really only takes a minute or two to package the wipes. When you do the math, 5-10 minutes of my time is much better than $10-15 out of my wallet. Hope you find this tip helpful on your next trip.
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