Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Bunnies Watercolour Card

This card was created using Agnieszka Malyszek's Soft Watercolour Wash Background technique. I used to teach this watercolouring technique to my students as well, so I was excited to use it on a card. 

At first look you must be wondering why all of my watercolouring have gone out of the lines. Well, that's because I did the watercolouring before I stamped the images. I eyeballed where all the images would go and watercoloured without trying to be exact.

I went a little over with the red on the flowers and it's bugging me quite a bit. But oh well, it's a part of the effect I was going for and I'm sure the recipient won't mind. Hehehe =P

On the inside of the card I used the same tulips stamp to create a simple boarder.

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