Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 1 Day 4: 10 Minute Challenge

*Wipe sweat* Oh my gosh, the 10 minute challenge was so stressful!! I am definitely not a fast card maker. Being the daughter of a engineer/surveyor and an artist, I like to make sure everything is perfectly straight and (almost) flawless. I don't think I have ever made a sloppier card than this one. I really commend the people who can do this and do it so well! They are amazing! Anywho, here's the card I made in 9 minutes and 34.2 seconds. Phew ~ ~ ~

Here are the supplies I used, I didn't include everything in the picture, such as my Big Shot machine, my ink pad, or my embossing powder. But everything else I used is in this picture.

Proof that I finished within 10 minutes, YAY!! \( ^0^ )/

Here's the finished card. I love the colours, so spring-like even though it's mid summer already. Hehehe...

More of my twine flowers again. And let me warn you, this will not be the last time you'll be seeing them. LOL!

Although this (second) 10 minute challenge card turned out okay, I really doubt I'll be doing any more time limited challenges. I like to enjoy the card making process and unfortunately racing to finish a card is more stressful than enjoyable for me. = (

Anyway, now I'm sending all my readers, viewers, fellow classmates, and bloggers many HAPPY thoughts! Have a lovely weekend! ^_^

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  1. How beautiful, Cheryl! Can't see any tell tale signs of stress. But I totally agree with you! I made my last time card ever! It's supposed to be therapeutic, not a stress test, LOL! It turned out gorgeous, though! Love your twine flowers; did you make those?

    1. Thank you so much, Gabi! You know exactly how I feel and I completely agree with you on the stress test part. Hahaha!
      Yes, I made those twine flowers. =)

  2. Ha, the 10-challenge card was actually the only card that went according to plan, but then I kept it super simple. I hope I can create a few more cards next week, since I'll be taking a 2-week break after i finish my last translation job today. Yay!