Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 1 Day 3: Inspiration from Guest Artists

Day 3's lesson featured a bunch of guest artists who shared their cards and techniques with us. Very inspirational indeed! Our homework assignment was to continue to use the colour combo and sketch given to us on Monday. This is the card I created...

I originally made this card for Thursday's (Day 4) assignment, which was a 10 minute challenge (where you had to finish a card within 10 minutes). I had everything planned out and totally thought I could do it. However, the die cutting took way longer than expected. Cutting all the "you's" alone took the entire 10 minutes. So I eventually gave up, finished the card in 1 hour and 10 minutes and decided to submit it as my Day 3 homework. =P And because I was so stressed to finish this card as quickly as possible, I screwed up big time on the yellow part. I ended up using strips of green paper to cover my "bad decision" and now it looks awful! I will now try to ignore the yellow part and pretend the green strips are not there. ~_~

I love this "you" background, but it took forever to create! I die cut a whole lot of "you's", put them through my Xyron sticker machine, taped them to the red card stock, and then trimmed off all the pieces that were sticking out.

Here's another one of my baker's twine flowers. I love them so much!! xD

It took me four tries to stamp the sentiment perfectly, because my hands were shaking due to the stress from the time limit. ~_~;

I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the card. But on the inside I used the same aqua colour card stock to die cut the word "you". So the card would read "Think of..." on the outside and "you" on the inside.

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