Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So Huggable

Who's huggable, you ask? Well, there are two things (actually one of them is a person) that are super huggable. First one is my hubby. He's huggable because he bought me the brand new Sizzix Big Shot machine!! He was going to save it for my birthday (that's coming up in a few days), but unfortunately I broke my Cuttlebug last night, so he had to give me this present in advance. He's really disappointed that he couldn't surprise me with it on my birthday, but it's okay, it's the thought that matters the most!

He had hidden the box somewhere in my house for the past two weeks and I had no idea. He made me search for it tonight and guess where I found it. It was hidden in the closet in my craftroom. I guess I don't go into that closet very often and even when I did I somehow missed this bix box on the top shelf. =P

The new colour of the Big Shot machine totally matches the wall colour in my craftroom! What a lovely coincidence! ^_^

Look how nice it sits in my craftroom. LOL!

The second thing that is huggable is the card I made. I think it is the cutest card I've made so far.

I was going through the Hero Arts Blog and found this tutorial for a Christmas card. I loved it so much that I made my own version of the card. 
The adorable little fox is from a digital stamp by Pixel Paper Prints. The owner of this Etsy shop is really talented and is also extremely friendly!! I highly recommend her store and products!

Isn't the little fox a darling?

This picture shows the inside of the card.

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