Saturday, February 16, 2013

Travel Tip #3

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We went to an onsen (hot springs) in Odaiba yesterday and we didn't return to the hotel till 1AM. Also because the onsen was so relaxing, all I wanted to do when I got back was to go to bed. So here's my travel tip #3 (for yesterday).

When you travel overseas you often have to bring an adapter plug suitable for the country you are in. But have you gone shopping for a adapter plug? They are EXPENSIVE, ranging from $20-50 each. And with all the technologies today, we often have many things to plug in or charge up each night (your computer, iPhone, camera battery, etc). Who wants to stay up all night waiting for your camera battery to finish charging before you can charge your phone? Here's my solution for that problem. I bought one adapter plug that is suitable for all kinds of sockets and a small power bar. You plug the adapter into the electric socket and then plug the power bar into the adapter. That way you will have more than one socket to use. Here's a picture of that...

The power bar in the picture is from Ikea. It not the one I would recommend you buying because I find the cord to be annoying. I have another power bar that doesn't have any cords and it is much more compact. I think I bought that in Walmart back in Canada. So take some time to search around for one that is inexpensive and compact.

***Disclaimer - Don't go overboard with the electronics. You don't want to set a fire or cause any kind of explosion in your hotel room. Do this with caution! Also, if you have to use a voltage converter/transformer, I really don't think you should plug multiple electronics to that!! I always buy electronics that have the capability to convert voltage on its own. So I never had to use a voltage converter before.

Hope you find today's tip useful!
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