Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Been Far Too Long!

Hi everyone, so sorry it's been so long since I last posted. I was away for most of April to go to Japan and then on a long cruise with my parents. I tell ya... 18 day cruises, in the middle of April, on Holland American, are meant for retired grandmas and grandpas and not people of my age. But going to Kobe and Osaka prior to the cruise was definitely wonderful! Not to mention the three Japanese ports we went to as well. Eating crab in Kushiro, Hokkaido was to die for!! I've had crab in Hokkaido before and that was delicious. But this time, Dad took us to a local fish market (by the way, Japan has the CLEANEST fish markets in the entire world!) and we ate fresh crab and sashimi. OMG, I can still recall the amazing flavors of the fresh seafood! And all the locals are amazingly kind and friendly! Boy, I can go on for days talking about how wonderful Japan is and how much I love it, but instead I'll share a few pictures.

Anyway, since I got back I've been busy working on my cards. However, I cannot share them with you yet. Because the recipients of these cards might visit my blog and see their cards before they receive them. So I'll have to hold off the card sharing for a tad longer. But I promise that I will post some shortly!

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